Colour Washer...Mac Version

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Colour Washer...Mac Version

Post by donmac »

Harald......I thought that you said last year (Aug.-Sept) that a Mac version of Photo-wiz (whiz?) was coming out.....Haven't seen it it still in the works??


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Post by HaraldHeim »

Don, we had another company work on ColorWasher 1.0, but they proved to be quite unreliable. They had it almost ready in November, then different things happened which you wouldn't expect from professional people. As a result ColorWasher 1.0 wasn't finished until February/March 2004. Then we started working on Version 2.0, so it made no sense to to continue with Version 1.0 for Macintosh.

Currently FocalBlade is developed for the Mac by someone else, but that may still take some time. I also plan to have ColorWasher 2.0 developed for Mac (probably after Version 2.01) by yet another company that seems to be quite reliable and fast. If that is the case, Mac version of our products will be much faster available in future.

We'll probably do Mac development ourselves sometime in the future. That would allow to release Mac and Win versions at the same time, but would also mean that a new product won't be available in such a short time as we can now produce the Windows version.

Sorry for tiring your patience, but things didn't work out as I expected, too. At least I should know now how to avoid such problems in future.

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