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Any plans for a graphic contest?

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2004 8:43 am
by johnellew
I was just wondering if there are any plans for another graphic contest anytime in the near future? Just curious. ;)

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2004 4:11 pm
by HaraldHeim
Thanks for reminding me. I'm not sure. It means a lot of work especially as it can be expected that even more people will participate than in 2002.

Maybe a photo or photo correction related contest that is only limited to a few categories. Or even better to split up the contest categories and do every month one of them. That would distribute the work over a longer period of time.

future contests...

Posted: Thu Jun 17, 2004 6:13 am
by johnellew
I think that's a great idea, though it seems to me it might end up taking much more time & energy (overall) to set up an ongoing monthly contest than a single annual... but, well maybe not...I'm sure it wouldn't seem quite as "hectic" for you! Anyways, if you were to setup a monthly contest, perhaps at the end of the year you could have one contest composed of the top (maybe three?) winners from each month & setup a poll for "the people's" favorite? Just figure I'd share that idea.