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Postby Lenella » Sun Oct 31, 2004 8:00 pm

PSP Pro 8 or now the recently released 9 have a great background eraser. Not sure if you're trying to cut them out of a picture with a background or a white one like your showing. The white is easy but I don't know with the older programs you are using. If it's a solid color background and your program has a "Magic Wand" (PSP Term), you would just click in the color area and it should put marching ants around the person or item so you can copy it and then to a paste as a new will be on a transparent background. If you don't like the way the background eraser does, you can also use the Lasso (Still PSP) and set it at point to point and go around the item you are trying to cut out making points to keep your selection hugging the item and following the contour. You have to go completely around and dooble click back at the start, this will select the item and again you can copy and paste as a new image and then zoom in and errase any places where it didn't get right at the edge.

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