Need some help here~S~

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Need some help here~S~

Post by Kashmir »

Hello...hopefully someone can help me out here. I was looking at this tutorial for PSP7 to get rid of a white background. I did all the steps was supposed to until I reached a step where it said I had to click on Images...Plug-In-Filters,then Transperancy...I don't have that in my there somewhere else in my program it might be?? I have the dll files in my Windows/System Folder....but how do I get it?? I would really like to use the tutorial for it a helpful one for me. Do I not have any plug ins in my PSP?? Any help would be greatly appreciated~S~
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Post by HaraldHeim »

If the tutorial itself doesn't provide any hints about the needed plugins, try to find the email address of the author and send him an email.

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About PSP7's Background thing + plug-ins

Post by travisab »

There are a lot of things and ways to do this background thing.
1. File, preferences,General program preferenses,Transparency or
2. Take your mouse to the color pallate and left click for foreground and right click for the background for the color you need when you cut and past/spray paint/brush or whatever. I'm not really sure what you want to accomplish so I can't give complete answers. I've been using PSP for ever.
3. Your plug-in come under Effects, & everything below the line of enhance photo. All of those are plug-ins and if you set it up with some addin plug-ins and created a separate directory for the new downloaded plug-ins you will find the new add-in plugin's you've downloaded. PSP 7 came with a lot of plug-ins of its own that are there and ready for use. I think you need a 24 bit graphic for some of them to work 8 bit will work for a lot of plug-ins. You can change your graphic under the colors menu.
If this isn't it let me know.
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