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Vista Won't Let Me Download Plugins

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:26 pm
by Par1949
How do I go about installing plug-ins using VISTA WINDOWS? I had to downloaded Virtual Photographer using the zip. file to get it in: C\Program Files\ Adobe\ Adobe PSP 7. Now I'm unable to download the free additional settings in my Adobe PSP 7 folder where I downloaded the zip file for Virtual Photographer. Vista won't let me download the additional settings/plug-in because it needs an Administrator to let me in. Is there another way to go about this :-?

Thanks, Patricia

Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:31 am
by HaraldHeim
First of all, PSP 7 is not from Abobe, so either you mean Photoshop 7 or Paint Shop Pro 7 from Jasc.

IF you are not logged in as administrator in Vista, you usually need an admin password if you want to install something. When installing Vista, you can set the admin password. If you did not do that, there is no admin password and you should be able to login as administrator by leaving the password field blank.

Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:22 am
by Par1949
Hi Harold, thanks for getting back so quickly. I was able to get the plug-ins downloaded and in the proper file by first downloading them onto my desktop, double clicking on the plug-in than clicking on run and was able to put it in the correct folder. I know I had to go about this through the back door but it worked for me. :D