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compression TIFF G3

Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2005 3:17 pm
by wolfgang muth
Photoshop 8 offers only 4 possibilities to compress if you want to save as TIFF:
- None

I need a possibility to store the images as TIFF G3 using compression
CCITT G3, perhaps available using a plugin ? :roll:

Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2005 5:32 pm
by HaraldHeim
I don't know any TIFF file format plugin, but other applications (e.g. Paint Shop Pro) let you save in CCITT TIFF format.

Free utilities

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2005 6:25 am
by toby
This can easily be done with the libtiff utilities (, in particular tiffcp can recompress any TIFF with various codecs including TIFF G3 and G4.