Surpress warning in Photoshop?

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Surpress warning in Photoshop?

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Todays I stumbled upon interesting problem. Using a batch file I need to convert (for gif animation) some (more) tga files produced by LightWave 3D render program. These files containing Alpha Channel. Nothing wrong with that, I just need only the RGB data, so... I thought that creating a action that:

1) convert the RGB to Index color
2) flatten the image
3) save it as gif
4) close

Would do the job. I was wrong. The Alpha Channel cause Photoshop keep asking me, if I want to save the changed image for each of these files. Holding the "N" key helped to straighten things up, however I do wonder if for the next time, there is some clean way how to get rid of the Alpha Channel or surpress the warning when closing the file, because I was not be able to find a function, that let me do it.

That's right. Suggestions like "Preferences / General / Reset all warning dialogs" does not change a thing :evil:

Anyone know how to make Photoshop warnings about closing changed image go away?
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