Looking to develop a Photoshop Plugin need some help

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Looking to develop a Photoshop Plugin need some help

Postby k3exige » Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:58 am

Hey I've been wondering for the longest time if there was a custom font organizer for Photoshop. I've looked around but... nothin'.

Here's the idea: organizing my fonts with custom tags on them, like Script or Sans, etc. Layout of drop-down:

+ Script
---+ Renaissance (Preview)
---+ English (Preview)

+ Sans
---+ Ubahn
---+ Helvatica
---+ Negotiate


See what I mean? It'd be really convenient, wouldn't have to shuffle for a good 30 minutes finding the right font. It could be a plugin that is customizable through a dialog box. Anyone know of anything like this and/or know if it's scriptable?

If you know how to script this I'd love to develop it with you... I have exceptional graphics skills and have planned out the organizational ideas. Just let me know.

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