How to create actions?

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How to create actions?

Postby Guest » Sun Sep 07, 2003 5:01 pm

Hi all,

Im very interested in being able to create an 'action' that will:

add a 1pixel black border around an image,
resize the picture based on a suitable scale, for example max width is 100 and min width 40 etc.
and of course add a watermark,

How would I go about doing this?

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Creating actions

Postby Photofix » Sun Sep 07, 2003 7:39 pm

You didnt mention which image software you are using but as I use Photoshop I'll guide you through the process.
In the actions pallet click on the menu and select New Action. Then when the box comes up name your new action something and click Record. Then use the rectangular marquee tool and draw a selection around your photo. Then click on edit menu and select fill. A box will ask you how many pixels wide and what color you want to use. After you click ok, deselect the marquee by using select/ deselect all.
Then go to Image and select Image size. Another box will appear and in it yo0u would select whatever size you want the finished photo to be and click ok.
To embed a watermark go to filters/Digimark/embed watermark.
You will have to visit the digimark website to personalize the filter for yourself and you can learn about that from them.
So now that you have placed a 1 pixil black border around your photo and resised it, embedded a watermark, you now need to look again at the actions pallet and like on a VCR click Stop. This will stop the action from being written to.
The next time you are ready to run the action just look for the name you gave it and click on that action to play and your work will be done.
Good Luck
I hope this helps

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