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Which 'Scripts' folder to use: 'Trusted' or 'Restricted'?

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 11:39 pm
by Jazzer
Hi. I have a bunch of zipped scripts I downloaded the other night which it turns out include no documentation to tell me which scripts folder ('Trusted Scripts' or 'Restricted Scripts'?) they should be placed into. Also, I can't seem to (easily) trace any of them back to the Web sites I downloaded them from. So not having a lot of time on my hands to do a lot of searching..., I'm kind of stuck. Any advice? (BTW, what do the terms, "Trusted Scripts" and "Restricted Scripts" actually mean?)

Jazzer :-?

Re: Which 'Scripts' folder to use: 'Trusted' or 'Restricted'

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2005 9:30 pm
by Jazzer
I see my question's eliciting no response here, so I'll post it to some other PSP discussion forum.


Posted: Thu Mar 17, 2005 6:36 pm
by Jaci
Found this on PSP9's help file:

About Restricted Script Mode
The scripts in Paint Shop Pro are created in the Python program­ming language, which can unfortunately also be used to create and execute malicious scripts. Because of this potential danger, Paint Shop Pro includes two explicit directory sets that reside inside the path \Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 9. These directories are:

Scripts - Restricted: any script residing here is restricted, as is any script not residing in a trusted folder (see Restriction information below)

Scripts - Trusted: any script residing here is trusted.

What is Restricted?
Some general notes about Restricted scripts:

When the application searches for scripts, Restricted scripts are searched before Trusted scripts. In the Script toolbar’s Select Script drop-down list, the two sets of scripts are intermingled and listed alphabetically.

When saving a script, the path defaults to the Restricted directory for the first time this is done with the application. After that, it defaults to the most recently used directory.

If a script is run from an unconfigured path, it is treated as Restricted.

If a path appears in both the Restricted and Trusted lists, it is treated as Restricted.

Presets, Material palette Swatches, and Print Layout Templates (which are essentially scripts) are treated as Restricted.

Additionally, the following commands are not allowed when run from a Restricted script: FileSave, FileSaveAs, FileSaveCopyAs, GIFExport, PNGExport, JPEGExport, FileLocations, FileClose, FileCloseAll, FileSend, BatchConvert, BatchRename, Mapper, Slicer, FileExit.