PSP8 - plugins/Vista - cant get any to work - PROBLEM SOLVED

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PSP8 - plugins/Vista - cant get any to work - PROBLEM SOLVED

Postby JerseyGirl » Wed Oct 21, 2009 11:09 pm

I've used PSP8 for years with great success. Issues IRL kept me away for about 6 months, but I want to restart up. I gave my old puter to my son to use (still loaded with years worth of PSP goodies), so trying to start new on this one til I am able to get my other one back.
I now run Vista Home (64). I was able to dl psp8 and its working fine.
The plugins are my problem. I've downloaded msvcrt10.dll and plugin.dll, and loaded them into the Windows\SysWOW64 folder.
I've dl a few filters, and I thought I remembered how to do it correctly, but ugh. Uusually, I dl to my desktop, then I scan the compressed folder with Norton, then I extract to the correct location, for me its C-Program-Jasc-PSP8-Plugins. I remembered to direct PSP the location to find them.
Still, when I reopen psp8, it says no plugins loaded.
I tried dl piCoLight, but I may have screwed that part up, since its doing no good lol. I dont remember having to use that b4 actually.

I feel like such a noob. Can someone point me in the right direction, in steps that even a 10 yr old can understand?

Much appreciated

EDIT: Actually, I figured it out with a little more was a combination of moving around the PICO to work and and then using it, after reading some more of the forum, the DEP disable for PSP worked wonders as well.

So far so good, thanks anyway..I'm sure I will be back for more help in the future. ;)

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