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PSPPX2 Ultimate, I need the dll files for Window 7

Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:56 am
by ShiningKit
:( Sorry if I'm missing something that is already there, but I have been looking around first, but I can't find it, or maybe I'm not looking in the right place.

I use to have a Vista system. But now I have Windows 7 and I use PSPPX2 Ultimate. I have no filters at all, so I am starting all over again.

I could never get them to work with Vista anyway. So I hope I can get them to work with window 7. I just had surgery, so I have some recovery time to do this, and no one seems to be able to tell me where to get the right dll files for windows 7, and also to make sure that I place them in the correct sys folder.

And also do I need to download the Pico commander light too? someone said I did, if so where is the best place to installed it on windows 7?

I have been ill, and have really forgotten a lot of this stuff.

Windows 7 does have that annoying UAC, and it also as DEP also. I was hoping when I switched I would get rid of the UAC.

re dll files

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 5:55 am
by ShiningKit
I went and looked into my system 32 folder in windows 7 and I saw 3 dll files, the only one that is not there is Msvcrt10 and plugin dll. But 20 and 40 are there and the the regular dll file.

Think I found the answer when I did another search and found someone else with the same problem. Will try this.

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:23 pm
by HaraldHeim
See here: ... kework.htm

Best install Plugin Commander at the location that is suggested by the installation.

re dll files

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:21 pm
by ShiningKit
thank you, okay I will installed both.