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JSL -> CSH .. shape conversion

Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2003 9:51 pm
by himself0314
Any thoughts on converting PaintShop shapes (JSL) to Photoshop [Elements] shapes (CSH)?


Although I have a feeling I could use the shape in PSP. Save it to BMP. Open the BMP in photoshop. mask the object. Convert the selection to a path. Isn't there a way to save a path as a shape? (because shapes can be applied as paths)

now before someone says, "Hey why not simply use the shapes in PSP" I direct you to
Vector shapes in Paint Shop Pro (PSP) are created as vectors, but cannot be exported as vectors for other programs. PSP uses vector shapes as a drawing tool only. To add effects, like drop shadows or texture, you must convert the layer containing the shape to raster format.