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Filters Unlimited Plugin

Post by Tracey »

I just downloaded the Filters Unlimited demo, and guess what... It only lets you preview, not apply! *wahhh* Does anyone have this plugin from when it was freeware or shareware, and would be so kind to help me out?

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Post by HaraldHeim »

Filters Unlimited always was commercial. There never was a freeware version of it.


Re: Filters Unlimited Plugin

Post by Carmela »

Tracey wrote:I just downloaded the Filters Unlimited demo, and guess what... It only lets you preview, not apply! *wahhh* Does anyone have this plugin from when it was freeware or shareware, and would be so kind to help me out?
Hi same happenened to me..what a rip off go to all the trouble of downloading it and then you can't use it..........wasting space on my hardrive........urrrrghh :x

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Post by Jaci »

On the download page for Filters Unlimited ( there is the following note:

"The demo version contains a limited set of 150 filters (the full version has more than 350 filters!). You can try out and preview all filters but you will need a registered version in order to apply them."

Doesn't seem like a scam to me...


Post by Tracey »

Okay, anybody have $40 bucks I can borrow?? LOL

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Filters Unlimited demo et al

Post by Bodymelt »

The word "demo" is usually the key here, if a plugin or database plugin is large then avoid the download if you haven`t got broadband. More and more software companies only offer demos rather than trials mainly due to problems like Flaming Pear experience.. namely Piracy. In the case of Filters Unlimited i would not hesitate to buy, it is a bargain and you will find that you get more than just a suite of plugins.

I think the reason some people get angry when it comes to buying certain plugins is because they purchase one version then suddenly a new version is released and they are expected in many cases to pay the full price for that too, and often there are just a few bug fixes and very few additions to the updates. Probably a majority of us have too many plugins and we could ditch 40% as the packages we use can produce many of the effects we choose to use some plugins to undertake the work.

Plugins are easy to use but i cannot help feeling that one learns more about PSP8 or other 2d package when you are forced to create the effect through a process of exploration. Plugins can be a comfort zone when it comes to speeding up productivity but in the end it sometimes prevents users from delving deeper into what psp8 can do minus plugins. They can only be significant when they provide addittional effects that are not easy or become time consuming to create, with scripting this helps greatly.

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Post by guest »

it would seem sensible to just show the results online that get you to download something worthless.

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Post by TARL_FURY »

Great post, Bodymelt.

Filters Unlimited seems to be exactly that. It is one of my most favorite plugins, and IMHO is a bargain at the price. I believe I have well over 2000 filters currently installed in mine, and it has never given me anything but excellent results and maximum convenience, as well as unforeseen creative possibilities. be able to apply/undo 100's of effects at a time so you can pick out the one you think is the best, without losing any more time waiting for new plugins to load than it takes to *highlight* them on screen...this is sum wonderful shiznit, my friends. :D

As for all of the complaints about the demo =vs= the full version, I can relate to both sides...but here is the BOTTOM LINE.

Filters Unlimited is FAR from "worthless", so either register it, or do without an outstanding product at a better-than-fair price. It is totally your decision, and I honestly couldn't care less, either way that you decide to go.

Be well.
repeat after me : "I will not hype craptacular software."

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