re:Photo Quality Changes (next below) problem solved.

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re:Photo Quality Changes (next below) problem solved.

Postby shallman » Sun Oct 26, 2003 4:00 pm

I said below that the pix quality changed when I brought the picture
to WindowWasher and again when I took it back to PSP7.

What happened is: when I initially began to use WindowWasher I
had centered the Exposure slider assuming that was the neutral
position. Instead this washes out the pix to some extent (this is
a little confusing in the controls presentation-all the other sliders
are centered at neutral).

And making the problem worse going back to PSP, I had followed
their instructions on setting monitor gamma. This makes the pix
quality different in PSP from EVERYBODY else's. When I set the color
slides to "1" (apparently the linear position) that part of the problem
went away.

So everything works fine now. Good products and good support.

Thanks much,

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Postby HaraldHeim » Sun Oct 26, 2003 7:32 pm

Shallman, the product is called "ColorWasher" and not PhotoWasher or WindowWasher :-)

The Exposure slider should be kept at zero if you use the Auto Exposure setting. Only if you want to adjust the result of Auto Exposure, you can move the Exposure slider a bit.

Don't ever use the Monitor Gamma prefernce in PSP (including the latest Version 8 )! Keep it at 1.0 if you want to avoid confusion. It is much better to calibrate your monitor system-wide, so that you see the same image with the same brightness in all of your applications. Please read the Calibration section in the ColorWasher Help files for more information.

I didn't notice that the preview is displayed at a normal gamma in Colorwasher while it is displayed at a different gamma after pressing OK. Thanks for letting me know about it. It may help me to solve a similar problems of other users. It certainly makes even less sense to use PSP's Monitor Gamma if PSP doesn't provide the gamma adjusted image to plugins.


Postby shallman » Sun Oct 26, 2003 9:14 pm

Sorry about the misnaming. It wasn't intentional, but now that I look at it,
I sorta like WindowWasher. I've probably been calling the other one

I HAVE read your Calibration discussions and they're first-rate. I'm using a
big Intergraph monitor which does beautifully now that I've tweaked it
by those guidlines.

Thanks again,

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