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Lynda LBDuke

Filters for Flushed Smile

Post by Lynda LBDuke »

I know this isn't what you may have wanted, I saw your post listed in the newsletter and thought .....why not go with the new Paint Shop Pro 8.10. It has deformation and mesh web filters already in the program. It has a ton of other features, like you can attach as many filters as you wish through the plug in feature in File/File Locations/ Plug ins...add browse, select from one major folder if you wish and load. Yes you have to load each filter individually, but when you go to view all your filters in PSP 8.10, you can have hundreds listed there.

That's my humble opinion. So many great features in 8.10. You're missing out! :oops:

Flushed Smile

Post by Flushed Smile »

Thanks Lynda. I'll definitely consider it. :) I suppose I've just gotten really used to that old program, and it's really done just about everything I've needed so far, but the ability to modify the perspective with any sense of realism had always been a bit of a peeve for me.

Mr. Heim's recommendation really came through for me this time, but the next time I have an image editing challenge, I may just have to buckle and get a major upgrade! That day may come sooner than I'd hoped as well... It looks like I've got more image editing and designing ahead of me than I originally bargained for! :-?

PSP 4 was a technical marvel back when it was originally released. Even today it's features still hold up well next to the many, many more modern graphics editing programs. Considering how long ago that PSP 4 has been around, that really does say a lot about the innovation and design JASC really puts into their product.

Thank you for your consideration! :wink:


PSP 8 and all those past programs

Post by Lduke »

I know what you mean by 4 being a marvel, I started at 5, and went crazy learning everything I could, then upgrade to 6 and 7. BUT 8 is the Marvel of the 21st Century. You know how with all the OLD versions of PSP you have to LOAD everything from brushes to tubes inside folders inside of PSP?

In 8, they are all OUTSIDE. You direct a path to the folders of YOUR choice. I named all my folders, Temp Brushes, Temp Frames, Temp you name it...and by way of File/Preferences/File Locations: a new screen comes up... Where on the left is the various tools and goodies we use, and on the left, is Browse: Add: Delete....Click ADD first, then Browse, and find all of what you use, one at a time, including your plugins...and bingo, you got it.

Mesh, deform, dodge, burn, amazing tools here....I suggest give up 7 and go 8. You will thank yourself for doing so.

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Post by TARL_FURY »

Mesh, deform, dodge, burn, amazing tools here....I suggest give up 7 and go 8. You will thank yourself for doing so.
I still haven't yet seen one single "supposed" problem listed for PSP7 anywhere that I have personally witnessed/experienced for myself.

...nor have I ever had a single problem with all of my filters/plugins/tubes/etc being INSIDE of PSP7.

Hmmm...does PSP8 have a new plugin called SNAKEOIL.8br, by any chance? :lol:
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