HowTo books on Jasc PaintShopPro 8?

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HowTo books on Jasc PaintShopPro 8?

Post by carlton99 »

Anyone see a review on these...
Paint Shop Pro 8 in a Snap by Jennifer Fulton (Author)
Paint Shop Pro 8 : The Guide to Creating Professional Images by Robbin Nichols (Author)
Paint Shop Pro 8 Solutions (Solutions) by Lori J. Davis
Paint Shop Pro 8 Power! by Lori J. Davis



Review on How to Books in PSP 8

Post by Lduke »

I recently purchased a book called Paint Shop Pro 8 Power! I was surprised to see in the beginning, that there wasn't a booklet of some sort to go with the Program, just a cd in a large box. Wow, that is a waste of space.

My review on this book: not worth the paper it was printed on. I still have yet to figure out one problem that I pretty much have to figure it out myself. I personally like the way this program is laid out, its features and print layout is excellent.

Now, if any of you need help in understanding the program, I can help. I have figured out most of this program on my own. :-?


Post by Guest »

I'm not sure I get it...if it's Paint Shop Pro 8 you are talking about, this program comes with one of the best manuals of any program I own. I you purchased the software you would have known there was a amnual with it.

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Post by TARL_FURY »

I you purchased the software you would have known there was a amnual with it.
I'm not going to make any assumptions, nor jump to any conclusions....because if Lduke had "known there was a manual with it" seems obvious that she* would have ALSO known that her* claim would appear to be an obvious lie.

...therefore, I'm accepting Lduke's claim at face value. It isn't impossible that a mistake was made, especially in the software industry.

Speaking only for myself, I have yet to read any of the new PSP8 Manuals, but I'm keeping my eyes open for a used copy at all of my favorite 2nd-hand bookstores.

*EDIT* I just realized that the "L" in Lduke stands for "Linda". My bad. :lol
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