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Help With Creating Hi-Res PDF Document Please?

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 3:43 pm
by Boris Johnson

I am needing to meet a deadline tomorrow in supplying a magazine publication with a trade advert for my business.

The magazine editor tells me he requires my advert to be emailed to him in 'HI-RES PDF FORMAT, 300 DPI'.

Currently, my advert is a simple MICROSOFT WORD document, which is printed out for flyers etc. It is acceptable quality for my needs. I have very little knowledge at this point of making my advert into 'HI-RES PDF'.

However, I do have access to ADOBE ACROBAT V9.0 PRO EXTENDED, and understand I can use this to create the document that is required?

My main questions at this point are, where do I begin researching how to turn my current WORD document into the '300 DPI HI-RES' picture that is required? What is the process involved? How do I go about 'creating a hi-res picture' from my humble Word document?

What I don't understand at the moment is, the difference between me emailing the magazine my Word document in its current .doc form, and needing to involve Adobe Acrobat to achieve 'best quality' HI-RES/300 DPI. Do I need to make my Word document into PDF to improve its quality?

Or should I be looking at re-creating my Word-created advert with superior software capable of complimenting hi-res PDF?

Totally new to this, would greatly appreciate any help/advice.

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 9:29 pm
by plugsnpixels
In Word (2008, Mac, at least) you can do a File>Save As and choose PDF. If your images in the Word doc are hi-res (300ppi), the resulting PDF may be also.

You may need to open this Word-generated PDF in Acrobat and resave with higher settings.

Better yet, don't use Word for this sort of design–use a graphics app (for instance, I use Canvas X for my ezines and can choose the output resolution. I use 72 for the sake of file size but can use any resolution I wish). Also, Illustrator and such should work (I know you can render the whole layout as an image).