ULEAD support stinks

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ULEAD support stinks

Postby Guest » Wed Nov 19, 2003 11:28 pm

I purchased ULEAD software online and I did install the software successfully once. However, I have had to rebuild my system due to a hardware failure and I not reinstall the software.

After numerous emails sent via the ULEAD website, I have had ZERO response from ULEAD. Not even acknowledgement that my help request was received.

I have now sent them a final offer. Give software I can install or else I am doing a charge back via my credit card purchase.

I refuse to spend the money to make a phone call and pay for hours on hold. Email is how these problems should be handled.

Has anyone else had a negative CS experience with ULEAD? Or found a way to fix it?

Very frustrated by ULEAD don't care attitude.

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Postby TARL_FURY » Fri Aug 06, 2004 6:03 pm

Considering my appraisal of the quality of ULEAD's products, this is both very surprising and extremely disappointing.

Don't take a dump where you eat, ULEAD.

I respectfully suggest that you find the time to both acknowledge, and to take care of solving your customers' dissatisfactions, before the problem grows larger than your reputation can swallow...

Just a thought.
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Postby guest » Fri Oct 01, 2004 11:47 pm

I have used PhotoImpact from version 5. I am with a lot of others here that really dislike the upgrade process. It is simply a way to make more money. I have managed to get through on the phone once and the person knew less about the product than I. He kept telling me to "visit" the web site. I have had problems with the programs from version 7 through XL suddenly crashing. When that happens the program always crashes until I reinstall. Since most of my versions are upgrades, having to find a cd I made to reinstall the software because it does not work is really not acceptable. A single line in the registry would solve that problem. I like the features but each version seems to be problematic and I wonder why I keep upgrading. Has anyone else had a problem with any version starting to crash out of nowhere and only a reinstall will solve the problem. Forget asking them. They will refer to the autorun feature. If you tell them that is disabled then there is confusion.

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Postby 44meurope » Sat Mar 01, 2008 1:13 pm

Sorry guys ... but I never ever had a problem with ANY of the Ulead products. I don't know if and how the help/support lines work because I never had to use them ... I don't go for upgrades, I just install the newest version (if it is worth it.) I started at PI7, then 8 was worth to install, now I'm still on 10. I downloaded and checked 11 and 12, but the extra's in them didn't seem to be worth the installation. So I'm still on 10. It does anything I want, never crashes etc.
For me : PI10 is THE perfect pic-prog ... :D

oh yes : I'm on XPpro SP1...

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