Distressed print effect - Can anyone help

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Distressed print effect - Can anyone help

Postby Eden » Sun Jul 25, 2004 5:06 pm

Hi All,

I am designing some t-shirt, and want to creat a distressed effect or mis print effect for some of the images, give them that worn in look... am I making sense?

If anyone knows a plugin for Photoshop or Macromedia it would be a nig help, I just need it to look like its been screen printed without looking too perfect.... hope that makes sense, looking forward to hearing from someone.



Distressed effect

Postby chipiii » Tue Aug 03, 2004 4:54 am


Just a thought. I am VERY graphicly challanged when it comes to Photoshop as I tend to work with Illustrator and Corel Draw but I can offer the following.

How do you intend to print the shirts?. and
this process only works on white or light gray 50/50 T-shirts BTW.

If you were to find someone that does Dye sublimation heat press transfer printing ( I do small qtys) you could do the following. Print on 50/50 Poly/cotton T's. Since it only accepts about 50% of the ink transfer it tends to make the garment- image combination look faded like its been washed about 30 times.
If you need to print on darks it won't work.

As I said...just a thought.


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