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GX Gothic plugin v1.6.2

Posted: Fri Aug 20, 2004 9:23 pm
by Hubbabub
GX Gothic
Create dark / gothic like grainy image effects

Version history
1.6.2 August 20 2004
New blending modes added + quicker code + updated documentation

1.6 August 2004
New blending modes added; background bitmap; bigger preview;
bigger dialog; modified screen; a number of other additions

1.5 July 2004
added new modes such as maxx as well as a blending mode
randomisation button.

1.4 June 2004
Added some new 'blending modes' such as edge and dark2
+ link checkbox for RGB

1.3 May 2004
Apply mode (this is not stored in the presets)

1.2 March 2004
Added new options + updated dialog

1.1 March 2004
Added categories and presets as well as extended the dialog size
and sliders and added additional buttons to save + some renaming
of buttons + you can now run the extreme button using alt-X or
the tweak using alt-T etc.

1.0 November 2003
first version