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[Updated] The "Works" Plug-In Filters

Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2005 7:58 am
by Hubbabub
The "Works" Plug-In Filters
Look in the menu Freeware to find the plugin

Here is a basic overview of the plug-ins in this series
-AlphaWorks : 6 filters with various transparency properties
-ColourWorks : 20 filters for modifying the colours in your images
-EdgeWorks : 20 filters for producing edge/contour effects
-ScreenWorks : 30 filters with different screen/mesh overlays
-EmbossWorks : 20 filters containing simple emboss variations
-SwapShop : 15 filters that "swap" colour values in your images
-MasterBlaster : 20 filters to "blast" colours giving a strong cast
-Mezzy : 15 filters for producing mezzo and grain effects