[Update] Flaming Pear's Freebie Plugin set v1.9

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[Update] Flaming Pear's Freebie Plugin set v1.9

Postby Hubbabub » Mon Jan 24, 2005 8:02 am

1 updated plugin (Virol)
4 new plugins
(Veins, Gray from Red, Gray from Green and Gray from Blue)


Tachyon ("Tak-ee-on," a faster-than-light particle) inverts
the bright and dark areas of your picture, but does not
change the hues. Ordinary inversion would change blue
to yellow, for example.

ChromaSolarize combines the Tachyon effect with solarization,
which produces attractive surreal effects.

Produces colorful haze.

Anaglyph Flip
Exchanges the left-eye and right-eye channels in red/cyan
anaglyphic 3D pictures.

Vitriol changes colors’ contrast as if viewed through colored glass,
but without tinting the image.

Draws a green contour, a blue distance map, and red ridges.

Demitone 25 and Demitone 50
Two ways of making a quasi-Bayer halftone pattern that includes
shades of grey.

Pixel Trash
Produces a blocky, garish look like the most
primitive graphics of 1982

Swap Red & Blue, Swap Red & Green and Swap Green & Blue
These filters work on RGB images – those with three channels of
color: red, green, and blue. By swapping data between channels,
they transform color, changing the picture’s chromatic harmonies
in useful ways.

Gray from Red, Gray from Green and Gray from Blue
These copy one color channel into both other channels.

Sphere Warp A and Sphere Warp B
These bend square tiles to make them suitable for texture-mapping
a sphere without the ugly pinch at the poles.

RGB->HSL takes a normal image with its red, green, and blue color
channels and replaces these with hue, saturation, and luminance
respectively. Your paint program will think the image is still in
RGB form, so the colors will look bizarre.
HSL->RGB changes the image back.

Kyoto Color
Kyoto Color changes color using a Hue/Luminance/Saturation
color space, but it's not the same HLS color space built into
Photoshop. The Kyoto space produces more lifelike results
for massive hue changes.

Make Cube Tile and Make Iso Cube Tile
Make Cube Tile takes a square image and modifies it so that
six tiles can seamlessly cover a sphere. Make Iso Cube Tile
preserves symmetry at the cost of a more warped appearance
on the sphere.

Ornament takes a photo of a mirrored ball and unwraps the
reflection into a form called an "equirectangular panorama."

Solidify A and Solidify B
Solidify turns an image layer entirely 100% opaque.
Solidify A yields a blurrier result than Solidify B.

Ghost turns an image layer into a semitransparent picture
made entirely of black pixels. It produces a smoked-glas
effect that's hard to produce by hand.

AntiGhost turns a layer's transparency values
into shades of grey.

TransLine and TransTone
TransLine makes every second scanline transparent.
TransTone is similar, but turns a 50% pattern of pixels
transparent. This can be useful if you are making
transparent GIFs for the web.


Hubba hubba zoot zoot................ :)

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