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ADJUST filter

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2002 9:55 am
Long ago, someone gave me a filter - I only recall what it does and that the name given in my plugins list was "adjust." After several rebuilds of my computer, I seem to have lost it, and no web search has produced it.

This particular Adjust filter produced a large box with the original image at top and in center. It had copies across top - three, and down the right side, as well as 8 around the center image. You could adjust by one click, with the center image as a preview. Options were to add Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, Darker, Lighter and I don't recall the other two options. It would adjust the entire image or any selected portion.

Anyone know where I can get this one?

Thanks in advance,

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2002 2:34 pm
by HaraldHeim
What you describe is the Variations plugin which is delivered with Photoshop.