HyperTyle and Digital Image Pro (Microsoft)

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HyperTyle and Digital Image Pro (Microsoft)

Postby bobgot » Mon Oct 07, 2002 1:03 am

Does anyone know why I can't use HyperTyle plugins with Digital Image Pro which is supposed to be compatible with all Adobe type plug in?


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Postby HaraldHeim » Wed Oct 16, 2002 12:08 pm

Not every application who claims to be compatible with Photoshop plugins really is to the full extent. Some plugins may work with it, other won't. It always depends on how many effort the developers invested and how many plugins they really tested with their application.

Are you sure that HyperTyle doesn't work with it? Or does it just not appear in Digital Image Pro? In that case you might have placed it in the wrong folder or didn't activate some settings.

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