SDK: How to output raw Descriptor info to disk/memory

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SDK: How to output raw Descriptor info to disk/memory

Postby quantass » Sat Dec 14, 2002 7:12 pm

Im using Adobe Photoshop SDK v6.0 for Windows.

In all of the accompanying suites and available functions is there a way to "dump" incoming event descriptors to disk and later load it back into a descriptor? Or does one have to iterate through the descriptor's contents parameter by parameter writing out each piece of information to a file, later having to Make a new descriptor and using PUT to reconstruct the information? I would also like to "copy" the incoming descriptor to another memory block.

I'm currently revising the Listener plugin that comes with the SDK so that instead of writing out C code of the incoming events with Photoshop, it dumps the incoming event/descriptor raw information to a file for later retrieval.

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