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LucisArt classic plug-in discontinuation – heads-up

Posted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 10:45 am
by plugsnpixels
After several years of availability, the current version of the popular LucisArt plug-in will cease to be available as of May 8. It will be replaced later in the summer with the new advanced LucisArt Pro plug-in, aimed at professional photographers.

See this page for details.

Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 8:54 pm
by plugsnpixels
Updated information just released by the developer:

1) The old LucisArt user interface will not be included in LucisArt Pro. The new user interface is easier to use than the current version of LucisArt. While the approach to accomplish the various effects is a little different, LucisArt Pro can do everything the current LucisArt can do (and more).

2) The Mac version of LucisArt Pro will only run on Intel-based Macs, while the Windows version will run on Windows XP service pack 3 and Windows Vista service pack 1.

3) Both the Windows and Mac versions of LucisArt will require Photoshop CS3 or Photoshop Elements 6.

Posted: Fri May 09, 2008 10:42 am
by plugsnpixels
The sale deadline for LucisArt classic has been extended to May 9, 3pm EST (due to heavy traffic at the developer's website).

Posted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 10:22 am
by plugsnpixels
Word is just out that the new name for the upgrade will be "Lucis Pro 6.0".