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Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 3:33 pm
Been trying to find a way to purchase Buzz Pro 3; to no avail. Just can't seem to get it! I have an earlier version which I covet, and would like to update. Many thanks.

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 6:25 pm
by HaraldHeim
The company that created Buzz Pro is out of business. Maybe you can find retail versions of it somewhere, but I am not sure if it was ever sold that way. Or get a used copy from someone.

Other than that you can only wait until another company will release Buzz Pro again.


Posted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 9:15 pm
I guess I'll triple back up my copy of buzz pro 2.x . . .
Thanks, Harald, for the quick response.

Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:13 am
by plugsnpixels
I think some of their software requires internet activation, in which case one is out of luck there. I have the Mac version of buZZ.X, which just needs the serial, thankfully.

PS: I would prefer a USB dongle over internet activation of software-!

Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2008 12:30 am
by plugsnpixels
The developer of buZZ, Don McCrae, has an online gallery of his buZZ-treated work here [WARNING: NUDES].

He seems to have set this and other similar galleries up circa-2005, though he doesn't seem to be active with these either.