Filter just won't appear

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Re: Filter just won't appear

Post by HaraldHeim »

If I remember correctly, these two plugins of the FilterFactory-type. So you can only use them in the 64-bit version of Photoshop via LaunchBox.

You also need to switch off Data Execution Protection (DEP) to make them run. Alternatively open them in FilterMeister.

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Re: Filter just won't appear

Post by marta »

You may be missing the msvcrt10.dll
I had that problem a few years back. Make sure it is in your photoshop folder and in the windows /system 32 folder

Hope that helps. I use the eliminate white and the eliminate black CONSTANTLY

Below is a URL I found that gives a link to download the .dll
I can't vouch for it's legitimacy, but it looks like a "clean" place to me ... te-plugin/

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