Anisotropic Diffusion Plugin?

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Anisotropic Diffusion Plugin?

Postby Andrew B. » Fri Aug 01, 2003 6:14 am

With version 7, Photoshop added an anisotropic diffusion option to its diffuse plugin. It does the kind of anisotropic diffusion that is usually called "coherance-enhancing." It's a very useful effect because it has a way of refining lines. Very useful for refining renderings used in photo-art and other things. The problem is, it has no controls.

So I've been looking over the web a plugin or stand-alone, and short of buying magnetic resonance imaging software, scientific development software, or aerial photograph software -- I can't find anything else that can do this. So I thought I would ask here.

BTW, if anyone is curious about anisotropic diffusion, here is a page with some photos of different kinds of anisotropic diffusion:

And here is a technical PDF file about it ... ancing.pdf

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