Flaming Pear clarification

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Flaming Pear clarification

Postby Bodymelt » Tue Oct 14, 2003 1:24 pm

Maybe i can clarify the situation regarding Flaming Pear plugins once and for all and finally put the matter to bed. In recent updates Flaming Pear have been including code which disables other installed FP plugins that are being used with an illegal serial from time to time during specific plugin updates, they update those to be known as recent fakes. FP plugins are unfortunately one of the most popular and also one of the most abused set of plugins, considering they are probably being used on eight out of ten graphic artists 2d packages and not overly expensive, around eight out of ten 2d packages have FP plugins under use with probably a greater percentage of illegal serials than any other plugins.

When FP started this drive to reclaim control over their undoubtedly great selection of plugins, many registered users also became trapped in the same net, especially if they have plugins officially registered some years back, this in turn created frustration because rather than disabling it`s use as is the case when the trial period is up, it would allow the plugin to be opened but not to transfer the effect to the work. FP now requests registered users to contact them with full proof of registration and they will then furnish you with the required resetting executable files like reset-sbp.exe for SuperBlade Pro and others for the suites and singular plugins.

The reality is simple, if you are using FP plugins and this locking takes place with one or more of the plugins, then it`s because of two reasons, the first that you have a legal but old serial to which you must contact FP and they will furnish you with a reset executable, or you are using an illegal serial which has been detected in the latest updated plugin the moment you install and run. For example, you may have some official serials mixed with others which are not, this will eventually be locked and the only way to unlock them is to contact FP. Bodz. :P

ps.Don`t forget this locking isn`t specific, you may download the latest Hue and Cry plugin and it will target say Flood or IndiaInk if those are being used with an illegal serial.

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