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plugin to reduce grain in After Effects

Posted: Tue May 21, 2002 1:47 am
by otto
I have a clip that I've had to boost - this has also caused a huge amount of grain. I'm having trouble getting rid of this grain with any of the plugins I have....any suggestions??

Posted: Sun May 26, 2002 2:01 pm
by HaraldHeim
The "Smart Blur" plugin included with After Effects 5 is quite nice to reduce grain. But you have to do some experimenting with the sliders to get a satisfying result. The same plugin is also available in Photoshop.

Otherwise try to overlay the grainy layer with a duplicate layer that is partly transparent and has a a slight Blur or Median effects applied to it.

remove grain

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2002 9:27 am
by cve
Already tried the Vixen Plugin ?