Thanks for the GREAT products!

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John Ferguson
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Thanks for the GREAT products!

Post by John Ferguson »

I recently purchased both ColorWasher and FocalBlade and just wanted to say thanks for a couple of great products. I have used / purchased almost every sharpening tool on the market and FocalBlade gives me the best results, surpasing products costing more and products that take much longer for my CPU to process. Especially good is the "print" option. Viewed on the screen, initially I thought it was too sharp, but when put to the test and printing the exact same picture that I had used other products on, FocalBlade was the clear winner. The prints came alive!

As good as FocalBlade is, ColorWasher is even better. Being able to select an area and have it auto compute the color adjustment is fantastic. I recently took some pictures of a live band, if you haven't tried this it is absolutely the most difficult lighting imaginable. Using the combination of FocalBlade and ColorWasher, I was able to get some stunning results out of pictures that would otherwise have been deleted.

My only recommendation would be to add a Color Temperature adjustment/slider in ColorWasher, similiar to the white balance in RAW processing. Make it something like 2000K to 10000K in increments of 100. Would be great for finetuning the colorbalance on .jpg files.

Thanks again for the great products. Am looking forward to the next versions and hopefully when PS CS comes out it will support more 16 bit operations so ColorWasher will work in 16 bit.

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Post by HaraldHeim »

Thanks for your comments, John. ColorWasher already contains a Color Temperature slider that runs from 100 Kelvin to 9000 Kelvin in increments of 1 Kelvin. There is not much difference between 9000 and 10000 Kelvin, so I don't think it is really necessary to extend the range to 10000 Kelvin.

To use it make sure that the Source color box and the Balance button are activated and then select "Color Temperature" from the Color Model combo box. Now you can adjust the color temperature with the Color Temp. slider. There is also a short description of the current Kelvin value displayed: Candle, Sunset, Bulb, Halogen, Carbon, Fluerescent, Daylight, Sunlight, Bright Sun, Cloudy, Overcast, Hazy, Shade.

There is also a Saturatuion and Brightness slider. If they are both set to 128, they don't influence the color temperature. However, as color temperature is a very limited color scale (e.g. no green or magenta), it doesn't produce such accurate results. Using the RGB color model produces more precise results.

I think the16 bit version of ColorWasher will be available by the end of the year.

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