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Focal Blade in batch mode

Post by leebase »

I'm running a script I created in Paint Shop Pro 9, one step is focal blade...but it always pops up for each do I have one setting that is applied to all images in a batch.




batch mode

Post by pierreB »

hello, to do that, you must use the "cloak mode". First, you apply FB to one picture, and when leaving, you hold the control key while pressing "cancel". Then , FB will not ask you anything and while work "alone" in your script. Note that the setting you choosed for the picture you leave whith "cancel" will be used for all your pictures (in your script, and iff I've well understood.
To leave the cloak mode, hold down the Shift key when selecting FocalBlade from the filter menu in your image application.
Hope my answer helps.
Good game. pierreB.

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Post by HaraldHeim »

Thanks, Pierre, for answering that for me.

I should also say that you can find detailed instructions about it in the FocalBlade manual under "Cloak Mode".

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