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Focal Blade and actions

Postby gstepic » Thu Dec 15, 2005 5:18 pm

I have downloaded Photokit Sharpener thinking I will do a better job with this plug in because there seems to be specific settings for about every situation. But I am seeing this is more of a problem then a benefit because for output sharpening I often will not know what printer someone will use, what size print, or if matte or glossy. It seems like there is no way around the fact no matter what sharpening program I use I am going to have to learn basic concepts and be able to get an idea on screen what the various settings will do.

Given this I feel Focal Blade will be the better choice but I have one question that would make my decision a no brainer. I am aware there is a cloak mode for batch processing but I really would like to be able to create actions for specific situations. I am hoping I can open the Focal Blade program in the photoshop filter menu, apply the settings I feel are best for a certain situation and assign a F key function to the action.

This way I can create one sharpening setting for full body shots (would be good for sports or weddings) and maybe another for people close ups. Then for a wedding, for example, if I want to open all my photos I could then quickly apply one key to close ups and another for group shots, assuming different sharpening settings may be best for those two situations.

I can't imagine why I would not be able to record an action but if there is a problem I am unaware of please let me know. The cloak mode seems great if I am going to apply the same settings to a whole folder, but I think often there will always be some shots that need different sharpening settings.

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Postby HaraldHeim » Thu Dec 15, 2005 10:10 pm

As I wrote in your other post, you need run FocalBlade and open a sharpening preset (that you saved previously) before you can do batch processing.

This extra step doesn't costs much time, if you process 100 or more photos with the same settings. However, if you need to process each photo with different settings, I wouldn't recommend tusing Cloak Mode anyway.

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