Automatic setting in FB 1.02

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Automatic setting in FB 1.02

Post by Hessu »

First I have to say that the range setting until to 1000% is very useful enhancement to the quite soft Canon 10D RAW photos.

In the new version I have sometimes difficulties in expert mode, that when I change the automatic settings, the sharpen rate goes to 0. Manual settings are OK.
This doesn’t happen every time and it happens only with some photos.

I'm using PS CS and 16-bit TIF files generated with C1 LE 1.3

Are my photos so sharp, that the automatic thinks, they don’t need any sharpening ;-)

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Post by HaraldHeim »

Thanks for your comments. I never experienced it myself, but I think the
auto sharpening mechanism can set the Sharpen sliders to zero if there is a uniform area displayed in the preview. So it is best to display an image area in the preview that is quite important, e.g. a face or the main object of the photo.

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