help maybe ?

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help maybe ?

Postby Gottheeyelackthetalent » Sun Feb 06, 2005 6:10 am

well this is a last shot for me i guess...... My best friends birthday is comin up , and i been plannin to give her somethin special. i can't draw for sh... well lets just leave at i lack some artistic dexterity. I'm not a real artist but people have told me i got a great eye (not sure exactly what that implies) but i've made some nice sigs and wallpapers. I know thats not considered art, and have been told many times from "real" artists any monkey can paste pics and use effects from Photoshop or Psp. I just found out about Lightmachine from a friend, who knows what my problem is. i came here dl'd the demo gotta wait a few before i purchase.

Basically my gift for her was going to be a picture she has from a favorite artist of hers, that i change to fit her Everquest character. Unfortunately her character has white hair and the picture has dark blue. i been workin on this thing for a while, get the air white, i lose luminosity, or it looks like i took a crayon to the monitor... i've done almost every thing i can think of, isolated the hair brightened that only , can go on for days telling you what i spent weeks doing thats why when i saw the comparisons page i about broke into tears. I don't got any formal training as far as graphic editing goes just what i figured out on my own thru messin around.

Was wondering if there were any presets (.lmp) that are available to DL , would be nice lil feature if there weren't. I saw that you put dark blue to white is very difficult, you guys are pros, so is my gift idea basically a pipe dream for an amatuer ?

p.s. If this happens to be some forum where amatuers arent allowed to speak in your high and mighty presence then just delete it. I'll just figure out what i can on my own. Just becasue one is blessed with a talent, that doesn't make you better than anyone else, and it sure as hell don't give you the right to judge or belittle. I may not be able to draw my way out of paper bag, but i'll put up a grand against any of you in a race to 5, i'll even toss in the 2 and 8 balls to make it fair, or we can play 8 ball and i'll play with one hand.

Sorry bout that btw a lil tired of asking for some help and gettin alot of needless and uncalled for attitude.

- Gottheeye

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Re: help maybe ?

Postby HaraldHeim » Sun Feb 06, 2005 2:13 pm

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