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B/W Styler Batch Problem

Posted: Tue Oct 28, 2008 2:38 am
by kingbrasso
I'm using B/W Styler 1.02 in CS3 (10.0.1) and when I try to render using cloak mode, the image just turns black. I tried 1.01 and got the same results. I also can't get out of cloak mode once I turn it on without deleting the ini file.

Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 12:43 am
by HaraldHeim
If the image turns black this usually means that B/W Styler does not have enought memory. But then the same should happen if you are not in cloak mode. You need to change the Photoshop Memory Usage preferences.

You need to hold down the Shift key to get out of cloak mode.