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Printing problems with B/W Styler

Postby herbert.ejzenberg » Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:32 pm

Dear all, first of all thak you very much for this excellent plugin ! I bought it this week-end and I recovered my old B&W sensations ...
But I have problem with printing and ICC profiles.
- I use Elements 8 for Mac (and Capture NX 2)
- I print on an EPSON 2280
- When I print a photo on Epson paper (semi gloss) it's perfect
- I tried to use anoter paper (Canson Infinity rag 210) following my normal process :
1/ Convert the file to Adobe RVB profile in Elements
2/ No color sync (Elements running the print)
3/ Using the correct ICC profile
And the result is NOT good, I do not have a real B&W unless the image is perfect on my screen.
Can you help me ?
Thanks in advance and I'm very sorry for my poor english ... (i'm french)
Herbert :roll:

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Postby HaraldHeim » Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:19 am

A problem occurs if both Photoshop Elements and the Epson printer drivers perform color management. You have to decide which one should do it and deactivate the color management option either in Photoshop Elements or the printer driver. In Photoshop Elements you can adjust it under File > Print > More Options > Color Management > Color Handling.

But I guess your problem relates to the paper. The Epson printer driver is calibrated for Epson papers. So to get correct results with other papers you need a profile for your printer/paper combination. Then you could set the Color Handling option to "Photoshop Elements Manages Colors" and choose the printer/paper profile under printer profile. You would then need to deactivate color management in the driver. But it should also be possible to do set the new profile in the printer driver.

Alternatively if the Epson driver offers a greyscale option, you could also use that to discard any color information in order to get a neutral black and white print.

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