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Give me Pulses Unreal

Postby Vinnie Blast » Tue Jan 14, 2003 11:57 pm

This photo was originally taken in Saigon 1963. The Budhist monks were staging a revolt and protest against the government... in turn the government cracked down.
it was enough... the final act of their protest came with several monks self emolating, basically setting fire to themselves.
This is one such monk who did so. A passerbye stopped to watch totally impassive or probably drained and just not caring anymore at the sight.

For this I colorised the fire bringing more of the color to an intense effect whilst adding a slight shade of red to the robes.
I then added with the aid of filters splashes of color to the photo.
I used the clone tool to clone parts of the pavement and turned it into a smoky effect thus blocking out a car which I thought took attention away from the photo. ... stid=55154

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