FocalBlade 1.05 for Windows was released

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FocalBlade 1.05 for Windows was released

Post by HaraldHeim »

FocalBlade 1.05 for Windows was released.

Here are the release notes:
- DEP Compatibility: Even if Data Execution Protection (DEP) is activated in the Windows Control Panel, FocalBlade still works.
- FocalBlade now supports the Photoshop memory management.
- Improved compatibility with some applications, e.g. color dialogs now work in GIMP and PhotoBrush and preview scrolling now works in SignLab and Image Analyzer.
- Some controls on the FocalBlade dialog were changed to bring it in line with the other PhotoWiz plugins:
-- The dialog background is now silver colored instead of brown-grey.
-- The Open, Save and Undo buttons were removed and are now items of the new arrow-down button menu at the top
-- New Help/Prefs tab sheet at the bottom with new On Startup, On Reset and Log Settings features
-- Right clicking on the Reset button displays a context menu
-- The context menu that appears when right clicking the dialog background was removed
- The FocalBlade dialog was localized to German.You can switch languages with the Language option on the Prefs tab. The manual is still only available in English.
- The the .ini files are now saved in the user's application data folder in case the folder of the FocalBlade plugin is not accessible. This avoids problems with restricted user permissions.
- Bug Fix: After maximizing the window (by double clicking the FocalBlade logo), exiting and running FocalBlade again, it was not possible to minimize the window (by double clicking the FocalBlade logo). It works now.
- Bug Fix: Exiting the plugin with the ESC key does not cause a messed up dialog anymore when running the plugin again.
- Bug Fix: Opening a preset does not change the state of the Auto Preview, SplitView and B/W controls anymore.
- The Manual and interactive help texts were updated.
- New multilingual installation.
- The Plugin Installer now supports several new compatible applications. It is now also available in German language and correctly installs plugins into various localized versions of Photoshop CS2, CS3 and CS4 (German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish).

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