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kpt6 Goo

Postby LordLogic » Mon Aug 21, 2006 12:57 pm

I had kpt6 goo in psp 8 and everything was working fine but I decided to uninstall psp 8 and kpt 6 goo to upgrade to psp 10! Well, it didn't work, I couldn't get kpt6 goo to work in 10 so I uninstalled 10 AND reinstalled 8 and also kpt6 goo, now psp 8 works but kpt 6 goo doesn't! I keep getting this message when I try to use kpt6 goo * the default axiom application resource environment could not be found* I've tried 4 different kpt6 goo and I keep getting the same message!!! Any and all help or suggestions would be appreciated, LL
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Plug-ins in PSPX

Postby dreamsunltd » Thu Aug 31, 2006 11:38 pm

This hint came through another group I'm in a while back and worked for me. For some reason many (if not most) of the filters will not install in PSPX when the browser window is open (which is the default on installation). So the best thing to do is set your PSP desktop the way you want it, with the browser window CLOSED, save your workspace (best with something like your name, not the default workspace). Then close PSPX and reopen.

Before I found this out I was having the same problem with many of my plugins (and I have tons of them *G*). I did find that Filters Unlimited loaded and I could install any other plugin through there, but I don't personally like that option, so I was much happier when I found the easier answer above. *G*

Having said that, however, since you are now having the same (or similar) problem in PSP8, remember that you must point your PSP to the folder where the plugin (or other thngs like masks and brushes, etc.) is installed by going to Files > Preferences > File Locations and adding any locations other than the default. You can point your PSP8 and PSPX to the same location for plugins or any other elements. As I recall, KPT Goo doesn't offer to install to the "normal" PSP plugins folder, so you might have to search for it.

BTW, I NEVER install my plugins to the plugins folder in the PSP folder — I always install to a separate folder that I just named "Plugins" that lives on my C: drive right next to programs. That way I don't ever have to uninstall plugins if I have to uninstall/reinstall a program that uses them and it's easy for multiple programs to use the same folder. Only occasionally, like if I have to reformat my drive, while I back up my "Plugins" folder first and then copy it back, there are a few plugin installs that add other stuff and they have to be reinstalled....

Hope this helps!

Dreams Unltd

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