Unknown Error Occurred With File Locations

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Unknown Error Occurred With File Locations

Postby asglitterfalls » Tue Dec 05, 2006 9:51 pm

I just installed PSP 9 onto my laptop yesterday. I installed all of the updates and put the dll files where they belonged. So I go and download some plugins and get ready to tell PSP where to find them and when I go to the File/Preferences?File Locations menu the program freezes up and I get a box pop up saying there was an unknown error with FileLocations. I have googled and asked around and nobody seems to know what the problem is.
Can anypne please help me?
xo Rayne

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Postby mkh1316 » Wed Jan 10, 2007 6:15 pm

I had something similar happen with mine once. I couldn't get anything to work right until I completely uninstalled everything and then reinstalled PSP. Before you add any plugins, click file locations to see if they work. If they do, make sure that you make a separate set of files to store your plugins, tubes, etc. If you attempt to add them to the original files they will bog down the application and everything will start to drag. After setting up another personal set of files, make sure that you go back to your file locations and add them to the list so that your PSP will know exactly where to look. Hope this has helped and not hindered! Good Luck and Happy PSPing! *smiling*

P.S. Oops! Before I hit send, there are a handful of plugins that HAVE to be installed in the original plugin file to work properly. Such as: Blade Pro, Super Blade Pro & Vizros.

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