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Contest Galleries
  The Postcard Contest 2009 was running from March to August 2009. 450 postcards from 20 countries were sent in. The senders of 20 postcards received various prices and 35 postcards were exhibited in a museum.
  The PhotoWiz Contest 2004 was running from October to December 2004. More than 500 images were submitted and 66 prizes were awarded. Have a look at the winning images.
  The Galaxy Contest 2002 was conducted in summer 2002. 1250 images and animations from 500 artists were submitted and 70 great prizes were awarded.
  The Galaxy Contest 2000 took place in summer 2000 with 60 available prizes. Over 129 artists submitted 382 images and animations. Have a look at the images and the artists` comments.
The Edge & Frame Galaxy Contest '99 was run in Spring 1999 and received 100 image submissions.


Other Galleries
  Harald Heim Photography presents photos of Harald Heim of The Plugin Site taken from 2005 up to now.
  Harry's Photos contains 88 photos from Harald Heim from The Plugin Site taken between 2000 and 2004.They illustrate several of his photographic themes.
  The FFDG Member Gallery includes photos from members of the Filter Factory Discussion Group who programmed many of the freely available Filter Factory plugins.



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