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Welcome to the PhotoWiz Contest 2004!

It was running from September 30, 2004 to January 3, 2005.


This contest was dedicated to all creatively minded photographers. It offered the possibility to present the best samples of their work to the public and to win a lot of exciting prizes.

The contest was conducted in three stages. Every month a new topic was opened: In October the Best Photo was chosen, in November the Best Photo Composition was awarded and in December the Best Photo Correction was selected. At the end of each month a jury voted for the best contributions.

A total of 66 prizes worth more than $6400 were offered to the winners. The 16 best images of each contest topic received a prize. Additionally the 16 best participants across all three contest topics got an extra prize. Additionally the two images that receive the least points from the jury received a consolation prize.


Have a look at the great prizes that were awarded to the winners:

The Prizes

Have a look at the winners:

The Best Contest Participant

Thanks for your participation!



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