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The Postcard Contest 2009

was running from March 11 to August 31, 2009


In our age of communication everyone is using email, text messages or messengers to spread written words. The good old postcard is used less and less and gets out of fashion. So we want to remind people that it still exists and that it has its benefits. With photo printers in almost every household it has never been easier to create postcards of your own.

This contest gave people the chance to unleash their creativity for creating and/or writing postcards. Not only a large amount of software prices were won, the winning postcards are presented on this web site and exhibited in the Museum of Communications in Nuremberg, Germany, from October 30, 2009 to January 10, 2010. Photos of the exhibition can be seen below.

There were two contest categories: Best Purchased Postcard and Best Created Postcard. In the first category we asked people to buy a postcard at their place and write a witty or humorous message on its back. In the second category people created a postcard of their own.

450 Postcards from all over the world were submitted by more than 150 people to this contest. A jury of three experts elected the winners. 20 prizes (consisting of 57 software products and 5 books) worth more than USD $3500 in total were offered to the winners. The 7 best postcards of each contest topic received a prize. But there were also six consolation prizes. Even 15 postcards that did not receive a prize, will be exhibited in the museum.

By participating in this context the participants gave us their permission to show their postcards on this web site and to exhibit them in the museum.

Have a look at the great prizes that you can win:

The Winners

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