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This image shows which features are added to the Layers panel in Photoshop Elements 8 and higher.




ElementsXXL adds 9 new sub menus and dozens of menu items to the Layer Menu. The added items have a blue background in this screen shot.



NEW: The Render features allow you to process images with 16-bit/channel with the help of smart objects (with embedded 16-bit image data), smart filters, adjustment layers, other types of layers and 29 additional tools. All layers are rendered to a flat 16-bit image at the end.



ElementsXXL makes Scripts, Actions and Render drop-down buttons available in Photoshop Elements 8 and higher for quickly accessing scripts, actions and the Render commands.



NEW: The brush panel offers 80 new brush properties for adjusting the brush of 22 different tools.




NEW: The Perspective Crop, Perspective Warp and the Warp features of ElementsXXL with Content-Aware options



NEW: Content-Aware and Delete Cropped Pixels options of the Crop tool in Photoshop Elements 13 and higher.



The Match Color filter grabs the colors from an image (source) and applies them to current one (original). It can replicates the color mood of special photos as well as apply color to selected areas only.



The dialog of the new Black & White filter and adjustment layer



The Color Range dialog creates selections based on colors and tones. In this case the blue color was selected by clicking on the image.



NEW: The Focus Area dialog creates selections based on out-of-focus areas in the image.



NEW: The Curves filter and adjustment layer offer sophisticated features for editing the brightness, contrast and color of the image. The Curves filter even offers 14 additional channels.



ElementsXXL's Channels and Properties panels let you work with channels and the non-destructive properties of filter, layer and vector masks.



The Shadows/Highlights filter now offers the same functionality as in Photoshop and produces better results.



The new Auto-Align Layers and Auto-Blend Layers features for recomposing portrait photos, stitching panoramas and increasing the depth of field of macro shots.



Add up to 360 smart filters to your image and edit them on the same dialog.



The Convert to Shape menu item lets you scale, rotate and reposition
each text character by converting a text layer into a more flexible shape.


The Stroke Path command of the Path panel can use one of
19 tools for drawing a contour on a path while simulating pressure.



The new Soft Proof feature for simulating the look of a certain device or printer



The Chromatic Aberration Removal filter removed color fringes causes by lenses.



The Convert To Profile dialog for converting between different color profiles.




NEW: The Split Layer sub menu splits a layer into two or three layers according to a color model or frequency thus enabling sophisticated image editing techniques.



NEW: The Color Lokup filter and adjustment layer offers 48 color effects. The Save Color Lookup Table dialog allows you to save the effect of filters and adjustment layers as a lookup file, which can be opened in the Color Lokup filter and adjustment layer.



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