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ElementsXXL for Windows Videos

These videos about ElementsXXL for Windows were created by Ken Payne:

Introduction & Auto-Align Layers

Auto-Blend Layers

Channels and Curves

Apply Image

Smart Objects

16-bit Rendering

Editing Smart Filters

Fade and Sharpening Techniques

Trim and Actions

Group Layers

Vector Masks

Puppet Warp

ElementsXXL Preferences

Quick Mask Mode 1, Quick Maske Mode 2

Black & White

Selective Color

Smart Object Transformation

Videos for ElementsXXL 3 and higher:

Masking with the Channels Panel

Perspective Crop and Warp

Color Settings & Profile Conversion

Color Balance & Curves

Auto Options

Opening a Smart Object in Camera Raw

Copy to Document


Masking Hair with Color Range

Videos for ElementsXXL 4 and higher:

Content-Aware Crop

Delete Cropped Pixels NEW

New Curve Channels

New Curve Channels 2

Content-Aware Perspective Crop

Render Features: Add 16-bit Layer

Render Features: Add Dodge & Burn Layer

Render Features: Render 16bit to Lightroom

Render 16-bit to Lightroom

These videos in German language about ElementsXXL were created by Thomas Blasche:

Gradationskurven und Schwarzweiß

Protokollpinsel und Ebenen gruppieren



ElementsXXL for MacOS X

These videos about ElementsXXL for MacOS X are also useful if you have the Windows version of ElementsXXL. They were created by Ken Payne:

Using a channel for masking

Highpass Sharpening with a Smartobject

Quick Mask


Photoshop Videos

Here are some links to Photoshop videos that are useful for better understanding some ElementsXXL features:

Smart Objects

Smart Filtering

Auto-Align/Auto-Blend Layers

Apply Image


Curves, Curves

Channel Mixer

Color Balance

Shadows/Highlights, Shadows/Highlights

Black & White filter

Quick Mask Mode

Proof Colors, Proof Colors

Color Lookup, Color Lookup NEW

Creating your own Lookup Files NEW

Calculations NEW

Videos in German language:

Color Lookup NEW

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