Warp 1
Creates different warp effects.

Wave Warp

Square Warp

Cubic Warp



Trans Warp

Pool Warp

Flower Warp 



Web Warp 

Ripple Warp 


X / Y Wave Sliders Defines the horizontal and vertical amplitude of the waves that the warp effect consists of.
Intensity Slider A higher value produces a more intense warp effect.
Blend / Shad. Slider Adjusts the amount with which the effect will be blended with the original image. If the Shadow check box is activated it will adjust the brightness of the shadow effect.
Angulate / Radiate Check Box If activated, there will be an angular/radial effect which can be adjusted by right / Ctrl clicking on the preview. If both or none of the check boxes are activated, it is possible to position the center of the effect by right / Ctrl clicking on the preview.
Shadow Box If activated, it will produce an alternative shadow effect which can be adjusted with the Blend/Shad. slider.