Split View

The various split views let you compare the original image side by side with the resulting image in the preview.

Using Left, Right, Bottom and Top View

There are two types of split views available in B/W Styler: Color and B/W. The Color split views show the original color version of the image on one side and the effect of B/W Styler on the other. The B/W split views on the other hand let you compare a standard B/W version of the image (the one you get when you shift click the Reset button) with the current B/W Styler effect settings.

If the Multi check box is activated you will see the same image section in each split view area.

If the split view tool is active, you can click somewhere on the preview to display a different part of the image in the split areas. If the Multi check box is not activated, you can move the separation line between the two split areas with the help of the split view tool.

Please Note: The name of the split view option indicates where the B/W Styler effect is displayed. For example if the Split View option is called "Right View", it means that the effect can be seen on the right side of the preview.